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Absorption mat 7500 ml

180 pieces per box
€ 0,74

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 133,20 excl. btw
Branche Fish, Flowers, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Webshops
Article number RPCVMB3272
Color Blue
Length 320
Packaging Information Box
Width 720
Weight in grams 4000
Absorbency 5



Absorption mats collect condensation or moisture that is released during transport or storage. When your products are transported chilled, condensation can be released, and a lot of products are sensitive to this. For example, moisture can accelerate the decay of vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. Medication must also be transported dry.

High absorption capacity

With our absorption mats you keep your products dry and tidy and prevent damage from moisture. Coolpack has absorption mats with different absorption capacities: this absorption mat can absorb 5 liters of moisture. Elements that do not absorb, such as synthetic glue or binding agent, have been removed from this product for optimal performance.

We also offer absorption mats with a capacity of 600 ml, 1.5 liters, 4 liters and 7.5 liters. But other formats and capacities are also possible. Please contact us to discuss your wishes, even if you are unsure which absorption mat is most suitable for your application.

Dispose of absorption mat after use

Absorption mats are usually no longer completely clean after use and can therefore be disposed of with the residual waste. For example, at the end of their lifespan, the mats can be converted into electricity, heat and raw materials. To ask? Reassure them to us!

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