Delivering chocolate under the right conditions: this is how!

We humans love chocolate. On a typical day, about one billion people worldwide eat chocolate! But with these summer temperatures, sending chocolate without loss of quality and taste can be quite a challenge. And did you know that keeping chocolate too cold is also not good? How do our large pastry and chocolate customers ensure […]

A pallet cover is the solution for optimum transport conditions

Maintaining fresh products at the right temperature for an extended period of time can be quite a challenge. This is especially true for relatively long transports where goods are exposed to extreme external conditions. Many fresh products are not only sensitive to light and moisture, but also to high or irregular temperatures. A pallet cover offers the solution for transporting products at a low and constant temperature. This ensures that your products retain their quality during transport.

Meat transport: don’t give harmful bacteria a chance

In the Netherlands we eat an average of 77.8 kilos of meat and meat products per person every year. By means of meat transport, fresh meat goes a long way before it ends up on the consumer’s plate. When storing and transporting meat, however, the environmental conditions and working methods are crucial to maintaining quality. Eating spoilt meat can be very damaging to health. That is why it is very important to pay sufficient attention to this. In this article you will read about how you can slow down the spoilage of fresh meat as much as possible. We also explain what tools you can use to do this.

Meals and groceries delivery: keep products cool and fresh

We are ordering more and more food and drinks online and spending more and more money on them. The growing need of the Dutch modern consumer for ease of ordering and service brings new opportunities for you as an entrepreneur. Whether you are part of a supermarket chain that delivers groceries, a restaurant owner who now also wants to deliver meals at home or a farmer who wants to deliver directly to the end user: the opportunities within online food e-commerce are now ripe for the taking. But how do you ensure that your carefully prepared products are freshly prepared for your customers? You can read about that in this article.

Refrigerated transport of potatoes, fruit and vegetables: this is how to handle it

In the Netherlands, we reap the benefits of the agricultural expertise we have built up over the centuries on a daily basis. Not only on our own soil, but all over the world, people enjoy potatoes, fruit and vegetables grown in the Netherlands. However, the proper storage and transport of these products is complicated and can lead to high failure rates if errors are made. In this article you can read what you should take into account when transporting potatoes, fruit and vegetables nationally and internationally.