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Coolpack offers the best refrigerants in all shapes and sizes. We offer standard products that are readily available, but also offer customization! We give you the best solutions.
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Within our range of coolants you will find cooling elements in all shapes and sizes. We can supply a wide variety of cooling elements off the shelf, but customization is certainly an option too. And with the experience that we have built up over the past 50 years as a cooling element and gel pack producer, we can advise you on the best solutions.

Customers who purchase cooling elements include international department stores, web shops, pharmaceutical companies and the fishing industry. But the solutions have also proved effective in many other sectors. Think of meat, cheese, chocolate, medicines, food and flowers.

Even if it is not clear from the name, we can adapt the cooling elements so that you can also transport goods frozen or at ambient temperature. Curious how that works? Then take a look at the page about Phase Change Material or contact us.

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