Dry ice 9-10 mm in EPS box, 12 kg

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Do you want to transport your goods below freezing? You can use dry ice for this. This is an extremely cold product, of no less than -78.5 degrees Celsius. For an optimal cooling result you use dry ice in combination with a gas permeable and well insulating packaging, such as an EPS (tempex) box or EcoCoolBox.

An advantage of using dry ice is that you do not need electricity to transport below freezing point. In addition, dry ice passes into the gaseous form when evaporated, leaving no traces like melting water. This evaporation process is called sublimation. Because dry ice sublimates, it is wise to bring it into your house shortly before use. After a while it will – even if you leave the packaging unopened – turn into gas.

Dry ice is available from us in different diameters and quantities. Do you have specific wishes? Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

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