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EcoFreezeBox with lip closure 8L

48 units per pallet
€ 17,75
 17,75 excl. btw 816,00per pallet
Branche Biotechnologie & Bloemen, Farmacie & Medisch, Food, Logistiek en Export
Article number RPG00EFB01
Color White
Dimensions 385 x 300 x 340 mm
Packaging Information Box
Weight in grams 2750
Inside dimension 200 x 170 x 250 mm
Outer dimensions 385 x 300 x 340 mm
Material Karton


The EcoFreezeBox is the durable insulation box for keeping frozen products cool, at a temperature of -70 °C to -20 °C for 80 hours. This can be done in combination with dry ice or with the gel packs and freezing elements developed for this purpose. Are you going to use the EcoFreezeBox with dry ice? Then choose the variant with paper inner bag for dry ice.

The EcoFreezeBox is made entirely of paper-based, recycled and recyclable material. Clean, recycled cardboard fibers provide high insulation capacity. Because the fibers do not use post-consumer waste, the entire EcoFreezeBox complies with European food contact guidelines. After use, the EcoFreezeBox can be easily recycled again: it can simply be disposed of with the waste paper.

Environmentally conscious alternative to EPS boxes

The EcoFreezeBox represents a responsible alternative to EPS boxes: CO2 emissions are three times lower for the innovative insulation box, and the material of the EcoFreezeBox is as much as nine times more circular than that of an EPS box.

Qualifications of the EcoFreezeBox

  • ISTA 7E summer temperature profile
  • ISTA 3A test for individually packaged product shipped via package delivery system
  • UN 33373/ PI650 packaging requirements and instructions for hazardous products

Recycling information: this is how to recycle the EcoFreezeBox after use

Feel free to reuse the EcoFreezeBox. The entire EcoFreezeBox may be folded flat at the end of life with the waste paper – provided it is clean. In this way, the EcoCoolBox is 100% recyclable. Questions? Feel free to ask them of us!

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