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Gelpack pillowpack 150 grams

120 pieces per box
€ 0,75
 90,00 excl. btw
Branche Fish, Flowers, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Webshops
Article number RCP150GP02
Color White
Length 100
Packaging Information Box
Width 150
Weight in grams 150


Gel packs are leak-proof bags with a cooling filling that keep your products at 0 to 8 °C for up to several days. The “pillow pack” gel packs are the traditional gel packs and are closed by means of a sealing seam on the back and at the top and bottom. The 150-gram gel pack is suitable for small packages.

Features of the gel pack pillow pack

  • Very good quality and leak-proof
  • Ideal for transports without return flow
  • Available from stock as standard
  • Reusable (check carefully for damage)
  • Nontoxic
  • Polymer gel or cellulose gel
  • Produced at our own location in Assendelft

Customization options

  • Available up to 275 mm wide, flexible length
  • Own printing possible (read more)
  • You can determine the thickness of the gel yourself
  • Gel blankets, gel strands or segmented gel packs possible
  • Also available with transparent foil with gel color of your choice
  • Different foils and cooling fillings possible
  • Different temperature ranges possible


Recycle instructions after use

The pillow pack gel packs are made of LDPE and PAPE foil. The PAPE variant can be disposed of with residual waste in its entirety.

If clean, the LDPE foil is 100% recyclable with plastic waste. Please note: pieces of material larger than 5×5 cm but smaller than A4 are easily recognizable by sorting machines in most regions in the Netherlands and will therefore be recycled. However, it is possible that sorting machines do not recognize these pieces of plastic and still burn them. From A4 format, the LDPE material is easily recyclable. For more information, consult the KIDV website.

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