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Ice packs 800 gram, 4×6 segments

500 pieces per box
€ 0,67

Order on demand: please note that you can order the product with a longer delivery time. We will contact you for further details.

 335,00 excl. btw


In addition to the gel packs produced on location, you can also contact us for ice pack sheets. These are useful if you have limited storage capacity: you fill the ice packs yourself and freeze them. Super compact to transport!

What are Ice packs?

Ice packs are delivered as empty sheets. You fill these yourself by immersing them in water. The sheets are filled with water, which then mixes with a powder that is already present in the Ice packs. This is how the thick cooling gel is created in the Ice packs.

You can then simply freeze and use the Ice packs. Handy if you want to keep transport costs low or if you cannot keep large stocks of gel packs in stock. The Ice packs are suitable for refrigerated transport at 0 to 8 °C.

Standard sizes available

The Ice packs are available in four standard sizes:

  • 2 x 3 cells, 140 x 200mm
  • 4 x 6 cells, 280 x 400mm
  • 4 x 6 cells with perforation per 2 x 3 cells, 280 x 400
  • On a roll with perforation per 2 x 6 cells, 400 mm wide, 140 meters long

Not all of these can be ordered in the webshop, but you can contact us for this. The perforated ice packs allow you to get several small sheets from one large sheet. Feel free to contact us for specific wishes.

Chilled or conditioned transport of goods

Ice packs are used for chilled or conditioned transport of goods. Ice packs are widely applicable in logistics. Sectors in which Ice packs are frequently used are the fish sector, pharmaceutical industry, medical sector, flower sector and (online) retail.

Ice pack recycling instructions

The Ice packs can be disposed of with the residual waste after use.

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