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This is how packaging specialist Intelsius uses Coolpack’s Phase Change Material

DPG Intelsius supplies a comprehensive and innovative range of temperature-controlled packaging solutions to customers in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. The Intelsius Technical Services team designs cold chain packaging for vital deliveries, such as valuable medicines . Coolpack is a partner of Intelsius and supplies +20 °C Phase Change Material shape retaining elements. In this article, Intelsius Business Development Executive, Renan Zorer shares his experience with Coolpack and our PCM.

Renan started working at Intelsius Germany two months after the new office had opened, in November 2020. Before, Renan used to work in international education and tourism. A working area that became challenging during COVID. “I was ready for something new, and have always found healthcare an interesting working area. That’s one of the things that attracted me to Intelsius,” Renan explains.

Over a short period of time, Intelsius Germany has experienced enormous growth. Currently, Intelsius has two warehouses operating, and an extensive office. That says enough about the developments within the cold chain transport market, and the innovative solutions Intelsius offers. 

PCM in Intelsius’ Pharmatherm Pallet

“We have a large group of customers in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, who transport high-value goods. A stable temperature during the entire transport process is crucial to them. The Coolpack PCM cooling elements that we use for our Pharmatherm Pallet CRT 15°C to 25°C  have a particularly accurate pour point and high energy storage, compared to, for example, water-based recipes. This ensures a high temperature stability during shipment, and it makes the Pharmatherm Pallet efficient: compared to alternatives, you need relatively small cooling element to achieve the same temperature guarantee,” Renan says.

This distinguishes Coolpack’s Phase Change Material products from other suppliers. The cooling elements fit in well with Intelsius’s pursuit of sustainable cold chain solutions. The Phase Change Material with a pour point at +20 °C is mainly used by customers in pharmaceuticals and clinical test centers. 

Intelsius and Coolpack: a strong collaboration

Renan came in contact with Coolpack via the UK headquarters of Intelsius. Previously, products were delivered from the United Kingdom to Germany,  but with the new center in Germany, it made sense to develop the partnership with Coolpack. “That’s why we reached out to Coolpack ourselves. We have direct contact about the products we purchase and the ones we want to develop. What I especially appreciate about the collaboration is that communication is open and transparent. The Coolpack team always does its best to provide us with a suitable solution at a good price, and at a fast pace. Both communication and deliveries are quick,” says Renan.

Want to learn more?

Do you want to know more about all the cool stuff Intelsius are working on? Check out their website. Are you curious about the possibilities that Phase Change Material offers for your transport challenge? Feel free to get in touch with us, we are happy to provide you with advise.

DPG Intelsius levert een uitgebreid en innovatief assortiment van temperatuur gecontroleerde verpakkingsoplossingen aan klanten in de farmacie en life science industrie. Het technische team van Intelsius ontwerpt cold chain verpakkingen voor vitale leveringen, zoals die van waardevolle medicijnen. Coolpack is partner van Intelsius en levert +20 °C Phase Change Material vormvaste elementen. Renan Zorer, Business Development Executive bij Intelsius, vertelt je in dit artikel meer over Intelsius en de samenwerking met Coolpack.




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