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Our gel packs, cooling elements and full displays with elements naturally belong in many more retail stores than we can name. They are often sold to individuals through hardware stores, amusement park stores and other non-food retail chains. For more information about the possibilities for retail, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Shape-retaining cooling elements: which one suits me best?

Chilled transport is crucial to ensure that certain products arrive at their destination in optimal condition. One of the ways to send your goods chilled is by using form-retaining cooling elements. You will find form-retaining cooling elements at Coolpack in all shapes and sizes. Due to our wide range, it can be difficult to determine which form-retaining cooling element is most suitable for your application. We therefore tell you more about the different types and applications of the cooling elements.

Ship chilled or frozen? Tailored advice

Some products must be frozen to maintain quality, other products must be kept chilled at 2 to 8 degrees. At Coolpack we offer many options for cooling to specific temperature ranges. Thanks to new innovations on our side, we achieve temperature ranges down to -21 degrees Celsius using Phase Change Material.


At Coolpack, our production facility is on location, which gives us the necessary flexibility to create tailor-made solutions for you. Curious about our method? Then take a look at this page. You can always contact us for advice. Do you already know which solution you are looking for? Request a quote for the products you require without any obligation.

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    Cooling elements for individuals

    A day at the beach, a picnic, on holiday or at the campsite: it’s all more fun with a well-stocked cool box. To keep drinks and snacks cool for a long time, even on a sunny summer day, our cooling elements are ideal. These are also available in a variety of colors and sizes. But cooling elements like gel packs are also used by private individuals to send chilled packages by post abroad. View our webshop to get an impression of our range.

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    Koelelement 400 gram blauw

    Ice packs

    Our cooling elements are used all over Europe. For 50 years Coolpack BV has been the only producer of cooling elements, gel packs, ice packs, cooling plates, cooling boxes and flexible cooling elements in the Netherlands.
    Gelpack pillowpack

    Original Gelpack 400g

    With the gel packs and gel ice packs from Coolpack BV you have the best solution for transporting your products in a conditioned and safe way. Whether you want to transport fish, meat, cheese, chocolate, medicines, food or flowers under safe and conditioned conditions, Coolpack BV has the solution for you. If you need to transport goods frozen, chilled or at room temperature, we have the solution for you. Of course you can also choose our traditional cooling elements.