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Foampack 750 grams (sample)

 4,95 excl. btw
Branche Fish, Flowers, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Webshops
Article number RCPSAMP304
Color White
Length 190
Packaging Information Box
Width 150
Weight in grams 750


A Foampack (also known as foambrick) is a shape-retaining cooling element suitable for disposable use, but can also be reused as long as the foil remains undamaged. The Foampack is filled with a foam block and cooling gel. The Foampack retains its shape thanks to the foam block.

As standard, the Foampack is suitable for keeping your products at a temperature of 0 to 8 degrees Celsius for several days, provided they are packaged in good insulating packaging with sufficient cooling capacity. This way you keep your shipment cooled during transport, independent of local electricity. You freeze the Foampacks before use.

Custom and standard sizes

We supply foam packs from stock in 300 grams (15×30 cm), 420 grams (10×19 cm) and 750 grams (15×19 cm). But the possibilities are much wider thanks to our own production facility.

You can order foam packs per box in the webshop. Do you want to order large quantities? Then request a quote. Do you have questions or would you like to receive advice without obligation? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to think along with you.

Recycle foam packs/foambricks cooling elements

Foam packs can be re-frozen and reused. Before doing so, check the foam brick for any damage. At the end of its useful life, the foam pack can be disposed of as residual waste in its entirety.

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