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Cooling plate 1/1 gastronorm

5 pieces per box
€ 26,00
 130,00 excl. btw
Branche Fish, Flowers, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Webshops
Article number RCPKP11G01
Thickness 30
Color White
Length 530
Packaging Information Box
Width 325
Weight in grams 5100
Material High Density Polyethylene
Coagulation point -0˚C


Cooling plates are stable HDPE bottles filled with a food-safe cooling gel. They are widely used by catering companies (ideally with gastronorm dimensions), retailers and online supermarkets: they keep your products cool at a temperature of 0°C to 8°C.

Our cooling plates are available in standard sizes such as 1/1 gastronorm, ½ gastronorm, 6 liters (ideal for EPP cool boxes) and variants with handles that fit perfectly on the walls of the EPP cool box. Available as standard at 0°C for cooling, but also at -16°C, -18°C and -21°C for excellent freezing performance.

All our cooling plates are manufactured on site in Assendelft and can be filled with a filling with a eutectic melting point down to -65°C or up to +89°C.

Personalize your cooling plate

You can have the cooling plates personalized in different ways. From adding a label (small quantities) to cutting out your logo in the mold (from 10,000 pieces). They can also be packaged per desired number and delivered in a display. Contact us for the possibilities and a non-binding offer.

Sustainable alternatives

If you have return flows, the reusable cooling plates are a much more sustainable choice than the single-use gel packs. The hard plastic material from which the cooling elements are made is standard HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): strong, long-lasting and 100% recyclable. But we offer even more sustainable alternatives:

  • rHDPE: This material is recycled and consists of at least 90% regranulate. Also fully recyclable after use.
  • Biobased: This is a bioplastic based on renewable sources (sugar cane) instead of virgin raw materials (oil). After use, it is also fully recyclable and possible to produce in line with food safety regulations.

Minimum numbers apply to both alternatives. Contact us for a quote and to discuss the possibilities.

Recycle Instructions

You can reuse our form-retaining cooling plates very often. Has your cooling plate reached the end of its life? Defrost it, put the filling with the residual waste and recycle the outer bottle with the plastic waste. It is made of HDPE and is therefore fully recyclable. This also applies to the sustainable alternatives of rHDPE and renewable HDPE.

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