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Biotechnology and Flowers

In addition to transporting food products, living organisms, insects and plants are also transported. All over the world, because on other continents too people like to enjoy Dutch cut flowers, innovative biological crop control and quality bait. In order not to compromise on quality during transport, chilled or conditioned shipping is recommended. We are happy to help you find a suitable cooling packaging.

When you are going to ship living things, such as microorganisms (larvae and nits), insects and worms, it is important that they get through transport in good condition. Is it too cold or too hot during shipment? This can be fatal. Is it too moist or too dry? This too can be fatal.

To ensure the health and quality of the organisms during transport, you can create the right conditions for the journey with refrigerants, insulation boxes and absorption material. For one-way transport (without return flow), you can opt for gel packs in combination with EPS boxes or an ecological insulation box (the EcoCoolBox).

The gel packs are available in all shapes and sizes, and our on-site production facility allows us to develop custom solutions for your specific application. Coolpack’s cooling solutions are of excellent quality and meet all legal requirements. Curious which solution best suits your transport challenge? Our team is happy to think along with you.

From issue to a customized cooling solution

In this way we help you to guarantee the quality and safety of food products under all circumstances.








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Products for the Biotechnology and Flowers branche

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Gelpack Original 400g

Whether you want to ship fish, meat, cheese, chocolate, foodstuffs or flowers safely conditioned, you have come to the right place with Coolpack BV. Whether you need to ship goods frozen, cooled or at room temperature, we have the solution for you.

Printed gel packs

Do you use gel packs regularly and have you ever thought about having your logo reflected?

Would you like a Gelpack printed with your company name or just a warning or instruction? This is all possible with the Coolpack. With the purchase of one box we can print in 1 color. For larger quantities it is even possible to print the gel packs in full colour.

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