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Polystyrene boxes

Our EPS, Styrofoam or Styrofoam white refrigerated boxes are great for shipping your products chilled or frozen. For example, for your fish, meat, cheese, AGF products and chocolate.

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White EPS boxes, also called styrofoam boxes

Our EPS, tempex or polystyrene foam white cooling boxes are ideal for sending your products cooled or frozen. For example for your fish, meat, cheese, fruit and vegetable products and chocolate. They are light in weight and offer good protection of the products that are transported in them. Our EPS boxes have a very high insulation value and are reusable. In combination with our cooling elements or gel packs, these EPS cooling boxes keep your products at the right temperature during shipment.


We have different sizes in stock, of which you can also request a sample. Are you looking for a different size? Please contact us for the possibilities.

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