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Everything you want to export protected, conditioned, cooled or frozen needs suitable packaging and a good amount of cooling or freezing elements. Many of our solutions are used in the export industry: you can find our gel packs, cooling elements, EPS and EPP boxes all over the world! Want to know more? Our team is happy to inform you.

Pallet covers for a long-term stable temperature

Whether you export by plane, ship or truck, at Coolpack we help you set up a good cold chain. Goods often make a long journey and are often transferred from one mode of transport to another. Insulating packaging helps to protect your goods as well as possible against external influences during the entire journey.

This can for example be an EPS box, EPP box or EcoCoolBox, in which products remain at the right temperature for a long time. But when you transport entire pallets with, for example, fruit trays, it is practical to insulate the entire pallet in one go. For this we offer pallet covers made of insulating and reflective material. These are suitable for block pallets and euro pallets. Test results show that the temperature of your shipment still remains stable during a long journey by truck and plane in sunny climates.

Customized solutions for export

In addition to an extensive standard range, Coolpack also offers customized solutions, so that your goods arrive at their destination with good quality under all conceivable circumstances. After all, export in Europe requires other products that keep cool than export to China or America. Moreover, it is possible to personalize your products by, for example, having a logo printed on the gel packs. This way, recipients all over the world will soon know your name!

Thanks to our own production facilities on site, tailor-made solutions can be supplied, which are specifically designed for your application. Coolpack’s products are of excellent quality and meet all legal requirements. The Original gel packs are non-toxic and food-proof.

Do you have any questions, do you want to place an order or could you use some advice? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

From issue to a customized cooling solution

In this way we help you to guarantee the quality and safety of food products under all circumstances.








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Products for the Other export branche

Request a quote to receive a quote for the products. Need small quantities? Order directly through our webshop.

Gelpack Original 200g

Whether you want to transport fish, meat, cheese, chocolate, medicines, food or flowers under safe and conditioned conditions, Coolpack BV is the right place for you. If you need to transport goods frozen, chilled or at room temperature, we have the solution for you.

Thermal Pallet covers

Both without and in combination with gel pack strands, these pallet covers ensure that your products are always properly conditioned.

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Cooling elements: the unmissable link in thermal packaging

Coolpack’s products are an indispensable link when it comes to thermal packaging, also known as thermal packaging. Binnen de gevalideerde thermal packaging verpakkingsoplossing worden met name koelelementen gebruikt. Met de juiste buitenverpakking kan voor een lange periode een zeer stabiele temperatuur worden aangehouden, namelijk tot een periode van 120 uur.

Om dit te realiseren kunnen de koelelementen worden gevuld met Phase Change Material (PCM). Door de hoge kwaliteit van deze vulling is het mogelijk stabiele temperaturen te behalen binnen een temperatuurrange van -65 tot +42 graden.

Indien de voorkeur uitgaat naar een flexibeler koelmiddel kunnen onze diepgevroren gelpacks ook worden ingezet om de te verzenden producten op temperatuur te houden. The gel packs can also be filled with PCM to maintain very stable temperatures for a long period.

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