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The market for shipping medicines and vaccines has evolved and changed, and so do transportation needs. Every form of pharmaceutical transport requires its own approach in which a combination of the right packaging materials ensures good transport conditions. Our R&D department is happy to help you find the right solution!
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Within Europe, a large number of pharmaceutical companies use thermal packaging solutions containing Coolpack cooling elements and gel packs. The coolants ensure that the products can be shipped at the correct temperature so that they maintain the required quality during transport.


Depending on the desired or required temperature, Coolpack can develop a cooling element or gel pack with a specific gel. The recipe of the cooling gel ensures that the gel pack or cooling element remains within the correct temperature range for a long time. Coolpack has all the knowledge and expertise to offer a solution for both cooling and keeping the temperature stable during transport. Solutions are developed, tested and quantified in accordance with all GDP guidelines.

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Pharmaceutical packaging specialists in our customer base are often impressed by the possibilities and the quality assurance during our production processes. These are in line with both the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


You can contact us for tailor-made solutions. Think, for example, of segmented gel packs to cool blood samples all around and gel packs in the dimensions you desire. Questions or more information? Feel free to contact us!

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    Medical devices are vital. They are used by doctors during the diagnosis, treatment and support of a disease or disability, RIVM explains. Some medical devices, such as human tissues and blood, must be stored and transported chilled or frozen. This means that harmful bacteria do not stand a chance and the aids remain usable for as long as possible. Learn more about: