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Our experts are happy to share their relevant knowledge. On this page, you will find an overview of the various (free!) downloads available. Read all about the optimal transport conditions for your industry in one of the Whitepapers, for example. And find out which (cooling) solution is most suitable for your application by looking at the brochures and leaflets.



Whitepaper Phase Change Material


The applications of Phase Change Material are increasing. Not only as a safe dry ice alternative, but also in installations to save energy and in storage areas to guarantee quality. Not very familiar with the concept yet? We explain the basics to you!
  • What is Phase Change Material?
  • Advantages and applications of PCM
  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • How to prepare your PCM element for use?

Whitepaper Phase Change Material

The applications of Phase Change Material are increasing. Not only as a safe dry ice alternative, but also in installations to save...

Product sheet EPP cooling box

The delivery of fresh products such as meals and groceries is on the rise. The consumer benefits from a growing range of...

Product sheet Pallet cover for euro and block pallets

During relatively long transports where goods may be exposed to extreme external conditions, it can be quite a challenge to keep your...

Product sheet EPS cooling box

EPS boxes are made of expanded polystyrene, also called Styrofoam, EPS or tempex. This material has a high insulation capacity and is...

Product sheet Eco-Breath thermal cover

The ECO-BREATH thermocover consists of reflective, micro-perforated foil on both sides on a tear- and puncturesistant PP fabric. The reflective film layers...

Product sheet Absorption mats

When you transport products at a chilled temperature, condensation often happens. However, there are a lot of products that are sensitive to...

Whitepaper Healthcare

Within pharmaceutical logistics and the storage and transport of medical products, temperature stability plays an important role in quality maintenance. For example,...

Whitepaper Flowers

Innovative insights: how to transport your cut flowers worldwide without loss of quality? Learnings in this whitepaper:

Whitepaper Fish transport

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about the risks that arise during fish transport and storage, and how the processes for frozen and...

Whitepaper Fruit and Vegetables

(Soft) fruit and vegetables can be vulnerable and need to be kept under the right conditions to maintain quality. What are the...