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About coolpack

About Coolpack

Coolpack is the largest producer and supplier of cooling elements in the Netherlands and producer of gel packs, foam packs, sponge packs, cooling plates, ice plates, freezer plates and cooling packaging. Over the past 50 years, our expertise for chilled and conditioned transport has grown a lot. We supply supermarkets and companies in the pharmaceutical industry, fish, vegetables, food, cheese and chocolate, catering, web shops and renowned companies. Coolpack has been part of De Ridder BV since 2018, which brought together a lot of knowledge and experience. In addition, we are also part of Bunzl, an international listed trading company that mainly focuses on supplying consumables to companies.


Coolpack is a producer of cooling elements, gel packs, cooling plates, sponge packs and foam packs. In addition to our range of cooling products that are produced in our own production facility in Assendelft, we also offer packaging solutions. In Europe we are the largest total supplier and one of the few parties that can serve the entire market through product development and customization.


Coolpack has over 20 years of experience in providing cooling solutions to its customers. Because we have knowledge of the entire cold chain process, we can quickly identify pain points so that we – together with you – can work towards a suitable solution for your logistical challenge. As a customer, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel yourself!


Coolpack uses fast delivery times, high quality requirements and goes that extra step to provide you with good service. Worldwide, our cooling elements and packaging are used within the pharmaceutical industry, the fish and fresh food industry, by retailers and wholesalers. For us it is important to be seen as a reliable partner

Quality guarantees and process optimisations

We ensure that our initiatives to contribute to society are not at the expense of service to our customers. In fact, innovations in the field of sustainability offer great opportunities to further optimize product quality and production processes. We are committed to providing the highest quality and the best service every day.

We have proudly carried our ISO 9001 certification for quality management since 2008, and the ISO 14001 certification was added in 2021.

Our team

Teamlead Production

Alexander van Veldhuisen

Every day is a challenge, and that’s what makes my job so much fun. I do everything to keep things going, from leading the team to performing quality checks to managing the planning.
“I’ve got three dogs and I’m crazy about them: an Irish Wolfhound, an Old American pit bull terrier and a Jack Russel, the only lady in the company and therefore also the boss 😉. I also like to work around the house and in the garden.”
Arno Zomer
Commercial Manager

Arno Zomer

Developing the organization and people, creating support for strategic decisions and delivering great results are what I strive for every day. This is how we achieve success together with the team, our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders and build valuable relationships.
“In my spare time I love to be with my family (dear wife and three sons), am loyal supporter of IJsselmeervogels and like to learn more about in money matters, the economy and investing.”
Rick Huissen

Rick Huissen

For over 8 years I have been helping our customers in food, pharma and logistics to find the right cold chain solution. Creating a complete solution for our customer from scratch: that gives me a lot of energy!
“I love cycling and I also really like languages: I can think along with you in Dutch, German, English and Spanish.”
Lex Appel Coolpack
Quality and Technology Manager

Lex Appel

About 8 years ago I started as Production Manager at Coolpack, from where I grew to my current role. I’m quite a techie. And how I enjoy working with our fantastic, diverse team!
“A true Ibiza lover, where I get to “come home” for a week every year”
Teamlid Sales Stefana
Commercial employee

Stefana de Leeuw

What I value highest is helping our customers from A to Z. I aim to deliver great service in order to make sure the customers finds the right solution or answer to a question.
“During my free time, you’ll probably find me at a terrace, on the bike, outside with my cute dog or at home watching a serie.”
Bart Kroes
Teamlead Sales

Bart Kroes

Looking for the best solution for customers temperature-controlled issues is what I like the most! In addition, I think it is important that all our relations are satisfied with our quality and service and we are committed to this with the Coolpack commercial team!
“Besides working at Coolpack, I love being outside in the dunes and spending time with my family in the sun.”

Sustainability Coolpack and CSR

As an international supplier, we at Coolpack are aware of our responsibility to contribute to society and to use raw materials from the earth sparingly. Both in the field of sustainability and in the field of society as a social organ.

This translates into various initiatives and activities. In addition, we consider the interests of the customer, the environment and society and ourselves as a company in all business decisions. This way we achieve balanced business operations and contribute to a better world. We are happy to tell you more about it!



Our EcoCoolBox was awarded two packaging awards!



Our Believe policy rests on six key principles



Together we realize your cooling solutions

Do you want to ship chilled or conditioned?

Coolpack offers total solutions for chilled and conditioned shipping. In addition to the cooling elements, gel packs, foam packs and sponge packs produced at our location, you will also find various packaging products in our range. Because well-refrigerated shipping is always a combination of adding cooling elements and insulating.

Popular cooling packaging are the EPS boxes, also called tempex boxes. These white polystyrene cooling boxes are lightweight, have a high insulation value and protect your products well. They are reusable, but if you want to use the insulation box in the long term, the sturdy EPP boxes can also be interesting.

Environmentally conscious shipping packaging is increasingly popular. A nice development to see, and that is why we are proud to offer the EcoCoolBox: an ecological insulating shipping box which is made entirely of cardboard and paper fibres. The end user can therefore simply dispose of the box with the old paper after use. It is not for nothing that this innovative insulating box made of mono-material won an NL Packaging Award in 2020.