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Biotechnology & Flowers

Dutch cut flowers are world-famous and are therefore shipped worldwide. Consumers want flowers that are fresh and where they are still...


It is important to transport fish properly. Consumers rightly demand fresh fish that has been properly inspected and properly transported in a refrigerated...

Pharmacy & Medical

There are several challenges when shipping drugs and other pharmaceuticals. To improve the quality of medicines,...


Chilled transport is super relevant within large segments of the retail sector. Think of supermarkets that deliver groceries at home...

Logistics & Export

Thermal packaging is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Legal requirements and corporate liability....

Global supplier and partner of the
Cold Chain

Coolpack is a trusted partner and supplier to more than 1.100 customers worldwide. You will therefore find our gel packs, cooling elements and insulation packaging in many European countries and through partnerships even outside our continent. You can also find our products in Central America, Africa and Asia, among other places. And the demand for high-quality refrigeration solutions for transport continues to increase at home and abroad. In order to guarantee and safeguard quality, we conform, among other things, to the ISO 9001 certification. Since 2021 we also have ISO 14001 certification, about which you can read more on the CSR page.

Why do customers from all over the world choose Coolpack cooling elements? We believe this is due to our wealth of experience and knowledge that we have built up over the past 20 years. And because we produce more than 200 products in-house. In addition to standard solutions on a small scale, we can also realize customized solutions for large clients. Moreover, we like to think along with our customers when new transport challenges arise in the field of chilled and frozen transport. Our team is always ready for you with appropriate advice. Want to know more about Coolpack?

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Temperature solutions

Do you want to transport goods chilled or frozen, or are you looking for ambient solutions? Coolpack has an answer to every question in the cold chain. Based on your desired temperature, we determine the recipe and cold fill to keep the products at the desired temperature.


Each transport comes with unique requirements for the refrigerant used. From reusable solid cooling elements and plates to packs of thin foil for single use – everything you’re looking for is in our range.

Cooling packaging

Packaging and insulation play a major role in transportation. Coolpack has insulation packaging in all shapes and sizes. Our range serves every transportation and industry.

From issue to customized cooling solution

This is how we help you ensure quality and safety of food products under all circumstances.








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Sustainability Coolpack and CSR

As an international supplier, we at Coolpack are aware of our responsibility to contribute to society and to use raw materials from the earth sparingly. Both in the field of sustainability and in the field of society as a social organ.

This translates into various initiatives and activities. In addition, we consider the interests of the customer, the environment and society and ourselves as a company in all business decisions. This way we achieve balanced business operations and contribute to a better world. We are happy to tell you more about it!

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Introducing our intricate sustainable logistics chain management from Coolpack in Assendelft to our customers worldwide, our central mission revolves around integrating streamlined operations and eco-conscious

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