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Customer case


Fish to Las Vegas

One of Coolpack’s customers is a wholesaler of fresh fish near Den Helder. They came into contact with a potential customer in Las Vegas: a 3-star restaurant with a preference for fish from the North Sea. We, together with our customer, looked into how we could efficiently get the fresh fish, whilst retaining the quality, from the Netherlands to Las Vegas.

A special chilled solution

Together we came up with the solution to combine gel packs with an EPS box. EPS boxes have an insulating capacity and will keep the goods dry, chilled and safe. The fish can be kept chilled and fresh for longer in combination with the gel packs. This is important because too high temperatures or too much meltwater can lead to accelerated product spoilage. The meltwater is collected with the use of our absorption mats. These absorption mats can absorb up to 4 liters of meltwater. This will allow you to transport the fish fresh without it negatively affecting the quality.

Fish is now being sent to Las Vegas by air on a weekly basis, together with Coolpack’s gel packs. In addition to air transport, the gel packs are now also being used to transport fish within the Netherlands and the surrounding European countries. This is because the customer wants to supply superior quality fish and can realize this using this method.


Would you also like to supply your own customers with superior quality fish? Then do get in touch with us. We can definitely also find a suitable solution for you. Coolpack has acquired more than 25 years of experience in this area. We supply chilled solutions for all your spoiling problems!

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