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Thermal pallet cover 83x123x148,5 cm (suitable for euro pallets)

€ 45,00
 45,00 excl. btw
Article number RCP0999984
Thickness 1485
Length 830
Width 1230


For long journeys where goods can be exposed to extreme conditions, pallet covers offer the right protection.

Properties of the pallet covers

  • High quality aluminum coating that increases thermal energy and radiation on the outside and provides insulation
  • Manufactured from compact, high density foil for a high insulation value
  • Suitable for storing products that need to stay cool or products that need to stay warm
  • Available for Euro pallets and block pallets

Combine your pallet covers with gel pack strands

Thanks to our on-site production facility in Assendelft, we can manufacture gel packs of all shapes and sizes. Customers in the fresh fruit industry, for example, gratefully use the metre-long gel pack strands that keep the products cool. By spreading the pallet covers over it, you create a kind of mobile refrigerator.

Ideal when your load needs to be transhipped from one vehicle to another and temperatures in between and during transport can vary greatly: pallet covers and gelpack strands (also available on this webshop) guarantee a stable temperature inside your packaging.

Notes on recycling

You can reuse the pallet covers very often. That’s what they’re meant for. At the end of their useful life, throw them in the general waste.

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