EcoCoolBox large

20 units per pallet
€ 11,00
 11,00 excl. btw
Thickness 375
Length 600
Width 400
Weight in grams 3700
Inside dimension 520 x 325 x 300 mm
Outer dimensions 600 x 400 x 375 mm
Wall thickness 40 mm


Are you looking for a sustainable way to ship your products chilled? Then the EcoCoolBox of Coolpack is the right place for you. This box is made of clean, recycled cardboard fibres. This is a naturally degradable material. The EcoCoolBox is very suitable for refrigerated shipping due to the high insulation value of the cardboard fibres and the wall thickness of the packaging. The EcoCoolBox is also very suitable for transporting frozen products. In combination with dry ice, a product remains at the correct temperature for 24 hours.

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