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EcoCoolBox small

72 units per pallet
€ 5,49
 5,49 excl. btw
Article number RPG00ECB03
Thickness 270
Length 320
Width 230
Weight in grams 1600
Inside dimension 260 x 170 x 210 mm
Outer dimensions 320 x 230 x 270 mm
Wall thickness 29 mm


The EcoCoolBox is a 100% paper-based insulation box with excellent insulation capacity. Several customers, such as YAYA Kombucha, use this environmentally conscious insulation packaging: after use, it can be completely recycled with the old paper.

This EcoCoolBox is small with a capacity of 8 liters. The ecological insulation box is colored white and has a seperate lid. The medium format is also available in white. We offer the EcoFreezeBox for frozen transport: it has thicker walls and keeps a frozen shipment at the right temperature for a long time.

Materials of the EcoCoolBox

The EcoCoolBox is made from clean recycled cardboard fibers that are free of mineral oils. These are packed in a flexible and air permeable paper packaging. Cardboard fibers have excellent moisture management properties, limiting the influence of the moisture content in the packaging environment. The cardboard fibers fully comply with the European directives for food contact.

An award-winning insulation box

In 2020, the EcoCoolBox was rewarded with the NL Packaging Awards in the Web Retail category. The jury called the EcoCoolBox “A packaging that fits in these times where companies are becoming more and more sustainable” and a “smart application of mono-material”.

Technical information

The EcoCoolBox has the following properties:

  • Moisture regulation of at least 8.8%. The moisture management function of the paper fibers helps to reduce condensation inside the box. When the humidity outside the box is high, it will be lower inside the box because the fibers absorb the moisture.
  • Coefficient of thermal conductivity: λ = 0.036 W/(m.k). This indicates the extent to which a material is able to withstand energy (heat transport). The lower the coefficient of thermal conductivity, the higher the resistance.
  • Specific heat: 2020 J/kg. This indicates how much energy a product can absorb while the material increases in temperature by one degree Celsius. The higher, the more energy the material absorbs.

Recycle information: this is how you recycle the EcoCoolBox after use

You can safely reuse the EcoCoolBox. At the end of its life phase, the entire EcoCoolBox can be folded flat with the waste paper. In this way, the EcoCoolBox is 100% recyclable. Questions? Just contact to us!

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