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Freezer Traypack 680 gram with -16°C gel, 150×190 mm

28 pieces per box
€ 1,77
 49,50 excl. btw
Article number RCP680GTEF
Length 150
Width 190
Weight in grams 680


The Freezer Tray pack of white PA-PE foil, 680 grams, is ideal for the shipment of frozen products. Freeze the tray pack at a minimum of -20 °C so that it is ready for use. Available per box of 28 pieces.


Freezer Tray pack keeps products below the critical limit of -12 °C for a long time

The melting and freezing point of this Freezer tray pack is -16°C. This means that the temperature remains stable for the longest time at this temperature: the energy storage is then the highest. This ensures that your products remain below the critical limit of -12 °C, which often applies to frozen food, even during long transports.


Exactly how long depends on the ambient temperature, the temperature of your packaging, the insulation capacity, the temperature of the contents and proper conditioning of the elements before use.


Where the -16°C gel formula really excels is the shorter freezing times. These Freezer Tray packs freeze approximately 33% faster compared to our -21°C gel.


Why not use regular 0°C elements?

Regular 0°C tray packs, gel packs, ice packs and cooling elements are designed to maintain a shipping temperature of 0°C to 5°C. These should therefore only be used for shipping refrigerated items: they are not cold enough for shipping frozen items as the elements quickly reach their melting point and work best at that temperature.


Pre-conditioning Guide

In general, the -16C° gel takes twice as long to freeze compared to water or normal gel (0°C).


Freezing times are largely dependent on the temperature of the freezer and the amount being frozen at the time (i.e. it takes significantly longer to fully prepare a pallet load compared to a single pack).


Ensure adequate circulation of cold air around the produce for efficient freezing and keep in mind that they take longer to freeze than normal water/gel ice packs. The freezing time and temperatures below are for guidance only – interruptions in the freezing process (e.g. frequent sliding in and out, adding hot items to the freezer, etc.) will extend the time it takes to freeze.


Easy to freeze

You may use the following freezing times for use at different freezer temperatures. The colder the freezer, the faster your Freezer Traypacks will be ready for use.

  • -25°C for at least 48 hours
  • -30°C for at least 24 hours
  • -35°C for at least 18 hours
  • -40°C for at least 12 hours
  • -45°C for at least 8 hours


IMPORTANT: Ensure -16°C gel elements are completely frozen before use; if the packages are slushy, leave them in the freezer for a while until they are hard.


Safety information

All -16°C gel elements are harmless and non-toxic. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. MSDS available on request.


Are you currently using dry ice?

Dry ice (CO2 in solid form) is widely used for transporting frozen products. It has a phase transition temperature of -78°C and maintains sub-zero temperatures through a process called sublimation, i.e. converting a solid directly into a gas.


Dry ice is classified as a miscellaneous hazard (class 9) and is subject to regulated storage, handling and transportation conditions. Hazards associated with dry ice include the risk of explosion and suffocation in a confined space, and the risk of severe frostbite if used without appropriate PPE. For these reasons, many carriers have now restricted or banned the distribution of packages containing dry ice, and those couriers that still accept it will add a surcharge to the shipping cost.


We have also recently seen how dry ice prices can fluctuate as a result of the gas crisis.


Recycle instructions

The Freezer Tray pack is made of strong virgin PA-PE foil and can be reused until damage occurs. Then dispose of the Frozen Traypack in its entirety with the residual waste.

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