Kraft Gel Pack 200 gram

80 pieces per box
€ 1,33

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Branche Fish, Flowers, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Webshops
Color Bruin
Length 190
Packaging Information Box
Width 100
Weight in grams 200


This 200 gram kraft gel pack is ideal for safely transporting products. Our kraft gel packs have a kraft paper layer as the outer material. Kraft paper is strong and durable. The long paper fibres are very tightly pressed together, creating a high density. The gel pack’s sustainable look is the reason why many companies opt for this product. These gel packs’ cooling capacity depends on many circumstances, we would gladly advise you on the correct size and packaging.

These 200 gram Kraft gel packs are available in boxes of 84. Our gel packs are strong and will keep products cool for a long time. De Ridder Packaging manufactures these in-house in various different weights and sizes. The most frequently used sizes are sold via this webshop. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements and wishes. Please let us know what you would like to transport and what you need from the gel packs, after which we would gladly discuss the possibilities with you.

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